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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
06:00PM - LATE
Holzgerlingen, germany
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What can you expect?

Whatever you need for your live event, online brand experience or marketing activation - our platform has got you covered.

Digital & limitless brand experience

We develop real digital brand spaces that can be experienced by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. No matter if we host your livestreaming event or virtual space, we create an emotional customer journey.

Personalized customer approach

We love personalized communication. Make every touchpoint special by approaching your target group or even single leads individually and tailored to their interests.

Community building

We help you build your brand community and keep it alive by providing a digital brand space for your fans to come together - before, during and in between your events.

Content delivery network

We develop your very own company Netflix that offers access to your content worldwide. Make your content platform another successful way to generate leads.

Lead management & analytics

We understand the purpose of events: meet up with your customers and get in touch with new prospects. They say data is the new gold. We help you reach the full potential.

Data privacy

We care about doing things the right way. The European Union takes data privacy very seriously. In Germany, maybe even more so. Our platforms are hosted on German servers, as is all related data processing.


We know that a livestreaming event without interaction is just a video. Interacting with your event participants and platform visitors is not only crucial for their experience, but also a very valuable insight in their interests and needs.


We are very passionate about making product and brand presentations fun. Getting people to check out what you have to offer is a lot easier when the hard facts are wrapped in a educational or entertaining game.

How it Works

This is how you generate leads with our digital experience platform.


Invite - Your campaign's call to action leads your prospects to the platform where we welcome them with a delightful brand experience.


Present - Show your visitors what you have to offer in a live event or virtual brand space they can explore. We help you communicate your USP, so the prospective customers understand why they should do business with you.


Capture - Let your prospects decide if they want you to contact them and let them tell you what they are looking for, so you can make your approach ever so personalized. We believe that pushy sales strategies can negatively affect the experience. After all, people love to buy, but hate to be sold.


Convert - We got their attention. Now it's time to convert prospects into customers. Apart from your exisiting marketing materials, the event footage as well as specifically produced video content and digital visualizations will help you to close the deal.


As an established software and solution provider, we know the answers you are looking for. Please find some frequently asked questions and respective answers.

PAXIDO is owned and developed by Paul events – an agency for live communication with the mission to generate new prospects through activations and events.

Yes. We have strict and standardized GDPR-compliant processes. Our platforms are hosted on German servers. There is no third-party data processing.

Yes. We, Paul events, can provide everything you need. From the event concept to the streaming technology and team on-site.

Yes. We offer our services tailored to your needs. There are no contractual obligations.

We are specialized in delivering the whole package in order to create an outstanding brand experience. However, an event platform can also be implemented, so you can create your own events.

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The future of events is PAXIDO

Modern events are also digital. We believe that digital event solutions keep your community alive – before, during and in between your events. Whether with one of our mature modules or an individually developed solution: We create an emotional customer journey and personalized communication.

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